Why Businesses Need To Focus On Local SEO

Nearly every major organization or business with an online presence has included Search Engine optimization (SEO) as part of its marketing strategy. The reason for this is quite simple. SEO is ubiquitous and undoubtedly useful. SEO for most entrepreneurs involves writing a lot of quality content and building authority and visibility by attracting inbound links, as well as ranking higher for keywords relevant to their businesses.

However, there is a different side of SEO that most businesses are not focusing on. Most businesses fail to focus on local SEO. Local SEO is simply the optimization of a particular business for a specific geographic location as well as a specific range or category of service offerings. Every entrepreneur should be thinking about local SEO, which is a highly targeted niche strategy.

The following are reasons why local SEO is increasingly important and how you should take advantage of it.

Portable device like Mobile

Most people on the planet have access to or own a mobile device. People are increasingly getting comfortable with conducting searches on their mobile devices. In fact, almost half of searchers use mobile devices exclusively for product research. Furthermore, most of those searches are local specific. Google, along with other search engines are also doing more to respond to this trend. They are now collecting more information regarding their users’ locations and search histories. They are doing everything possible to provide their users with local-specific results. Due to their proximity to the searcher, local businesses can even outrank business with national authority.

Less number of business Competing

Local SEO means that you are dealing with less competition. If you are competing for a particular keyword for your products on a national scale, you are competing with every similar company in the nation. However, focusing on local search, you are competing with a significantly lower number of competitors. If you narrow your focus, you will obviously be dealing with a reduced number of searches. However, it is always better to focus on fewer ‘real’ searchers than theoretical ‘someday’ searchers. Once you optimize your site for local search, you will be of greater value to a smaller population of searchers.

Additional Opportunities For Positive PR

Involvement in the local scene will also offer you additional opportunities for local visibility. If you publish valuable, interesting content about your neighborhood, city, or region frequently, local news reporters and your fellow entrepreneurs are more likely to notice. It is a relatively easy way of getting citizens of your city or region on your side while also getting additional public visibility. Attendance of local events is a great way of creating a local-optimized press release that will get you exposure on the ground. If you combine this with an engaged and strong social media presence, you will be in the best position to build a very loyal local audience.

Importance Of Local SEO Even For Nationwide Brands

Those businesses that believe that there is no benefit in doing anything lower than ‘national’ and companies that have an exclusive online presence might see no benefit in local SEO. They usually have a huge potential audience and therefore reducing the target size might sometimes seem like a wrong move. However, local SEO is important since it provides a relevant and targeted focus on the local audience making it valuable to all companies, including national ones. Brands with a national presence can incorporate local strategies into their regular ones to have the best of both worlds.

Industry Best Practices

Local SEO optimization is much simpler than most marketer and business owners believe. The first thing is to ensure that you claim every local profile on any social media platform as well as directories such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Google My Business. Ensure that your name, phone number, and address are consistent on every medium.
Follow this up with a long-term strategy focusing on your local position. Get involved with the local community, attend local events, and thereafter write press releases and blog posts that celebrate the attendance of your company. Get inbound links from community sites or local news sites and ensure that you mention your city or region’s name every time you get a chance online. Whether you are a major national player or local shop, you should start thinking of your local SEO strategy. Local SEO is already big and will only get bigger.